Body Armor Security Mission Statement

Our Mission

It is the mission of Body Armor Security Inc. to foster a safe environment for the lives and property of the clients we serve. To work with business owners, business employees, business clients, home owners and neighborhood members to maintain and enhace safety while improving quality of life.

Our Values

We will conduct ourselves honorably and with the highest ethical standards. We vow to build a positive and friendly rapport with our clients and the community though our core values.


Is what defines body Armor Security Inc. We must be honest, strong morally, disciplined in our actions, professional in our demeanor and approach to the public while taking pride in our appearance and our professional duties. We are courageous in our relentless pursuit of doing what is right, even when no one is looking

Quality of Service

We are constantly striving to provide the highest quality of service to our clients by ensuring that we maintain the highest quality of training through ongoing improvement.

Accountability and Transparency

Body Armor Security Inc. Maintains its commitment to accountability and transparency by utilizing Daily Activity Reports (D.A.R.) and Incident Reports. We will make swift and detailed reports of any and all activity at field locations. These reports serve in maintaining a record of what transpires at security post as well as how we responded to the incident.

Security Officers

We will provide our clients with the best equipped and qualified armed and unarmed security Officers. Our Officers are licensed, experienced and well trained in the latest technologies such as; radio, communications, report writing, tactics of police officers standards training (P.O.S.T.), AB 2880, powers to arrest, emergency preparedness, terrorist activity, metal detectors/scanning, alarm and video surveillance and camera monitoring

We offer plain clothed security officers as well as uniformed security officers. Our officers will enforce the property rules and verbal request of our clients. Officers will observe, report and deter criminal activity. Our officers Patrol and inspect properties against fire, theft, vandalism, and any other illegal activities. Our event staffs are trained in effective communication skills, crowd and entrance control and how to de-escalate all situations while maintaining a calm and professional demeanor.

Frequently asked questions

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Security Officer


Security Officers applying to Body armor Security, must be licensed, current and have a valid guard card, along with a valid firearm permit with Armed Officers. Depending on the post, other Officers need to be Baton, Pepper Spray, FIrst Aid and C.P.R Certified.

All our security officers go through an interview process to test intelligence in the security field, do alcohol and drug test, go through a background check, initial training and have to pass an entrance test to complete the hiring process.

We hire veterans and work with off duty Police Officers. So if you think you have what it takes to join us, Let us know!

Body Armor Security Employment
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